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Empowering you with the skills to be a true health & fitness queen!.



Welcome to Pageant Land Fitness. It's time to take control of your health and fitness as a true beauty queen. They say beauty starts from within, but there is so much more to that statement when you factor in your health and fitness. As pageant girls, we want to look and feel our best selves and that means we need an overall and holistic approach to our health and fitness. We need strength, stamina, flexibility, balance, energy, power and vitality. We want nourished hair, nourished skin and above all a nourished brain. Pageant Land Fitness offers pop-up classes and workshops for pageant events, plus one to one coaching and personal training, delivered purely by qualified and insured professionals.

Bootcamps, Stretch'n'Relax & Workshops

We are fully qualified and insured to run in-person (UK based) or digital  bootcamps & workshops.

Bootcamps combine fun and fitness, so they can be used as a great starting point, motivation for your own training or even as a fun addition to your event. 

Stretch 'n' Relax is a great add-on to all types of events, including workshops, bootcamps, rehearsal day, finals day and more. We can also work some fun ice breaker activities into this session too.

Workshops give you and your guests a chance to ask questions, share stories and learn so much about how to support your health and fitness. These can be focus on a specific area or do a general overview. They can be teamed with a stretch session or bootcamp too.

For enquires please contact me here.

One to One

We are fully qualified and insured to run digital one to ones and in-person one to ones.  

One to one sessions can be used for a variety of reasons from kickstarting your journey to correcting form issues or even as a motivation boost.  Due to COVID I'm currently offering split the cost one to ones. These are digital one to one style sessions on zoom where you can invite up to two friends and share the cost.

For enquires please contact me here.

We try to allocate some time to offer our services free of charge for charity events, pageant community events or sponsorship for national titleholders or national contacted pageant systems. We can't say yes to everything but if it fits into one of the above please reach out. Unfortunately we are unable to sponsor regional titleholders or finalist competing in national systems.

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“I wish there was a podcast just like this when I started pageants, everything you need from final day advice to make up.”


“This podcast has helped me so much this year in my very first pageant. All the information is there you just have to listen.”

“Jess is amazing. I haven't had a trainer quite like her, She is a fantastic motivator, each week she pushing me a little further out of my comfort zone. She pushed my body further than I could to make it hurt (in a good way), But this tough love is all delivered with charm and a smile.” 

“She is very knowledgeable and determined for you to achieve your desired goals and pushes you to strive towards them!.”


If you have any questions please free to reach out using the contact form provided.

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